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Happy Hump Day Shopping – Great Green Shop

thermosI have made several purachases from an Earth friendly shop, and I just love what I have gotten.  Their service is great, their products are great, and their prices are really very fair.

The store I like to frequent for all of my “green” shopping is  Don’t let the name fool you, these guys have much more than just alternatives to plastic bags.  In fact, my favorite purchase is the stainless steel thermos that you see to the right.  I honestly use this every day, and often will get to my last cup at 4 pm, and it is just as hot as the cup I first had at 7 am.  I love it.

 I also purchased a lunch bag for DD, which she thinks is too “cutsey” to take to high school, so I use it instead.  She does use the stainless steel water bottle I got her everyday though, and thinks it is very attractive.

With all of the craze over the environment, this store has come along at just the right time!  They sure are getting some good press, I hope their prices don’t go up.


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