Playing Many Parts

Finally Friday Fun – Marathon Weekend

Here in Chicago, they are calling for some cold tempures and snow for the next two days, all of which has me making plans to stay inside all weekend long.

I plan to cook some soup, make some cookies and goodies, watch my cooking shows on TV, read a bunch, and do some knitting.  All of this is well and good and should keep me busy for a few hours, but my teens will want to watch some movies or something tonight and Saturday night.

So, I am planning a Marathon Weekend.  You know, pick a movie series and watch all of the episodes in one sitting.   Recently we have watched the Pirates trilogy, the Matrix trilogy and Lord of the Rings.  All of these are pretty family friendly, and provide hours of entertainment.  This weekend I am thinking we should do a Batman weekend, or maybe the Bourne Trilogy, since we haven’t seen the last one yet.  I would love to do a Godfather weekend, but I think my daughter would prefer something less gory.

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