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Calling All Speed Racer Fans

I guess I lived under a rock growing up, because I didn’t get introduced to Speed Racer until I met my husband when I was in my 20’s.    My kids, however, love Speed Racer just like their Dad.  And my young nephews and their Grandpa all seem to love this strange cartoon as well.  Proof of that was that there were lots of Speed Racer themed presents under the tree at my in-laws house this year.  So it must be that with the recent surge in popularity of NASCAR there is a whole new generation of fans for all things speedy. 

For that reason, I thought that I would include this link to a picture of the Mach 5, which is on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.  I know my kids and DH will want to see it, and I will have to forward it to my nephews also.  I got this link on the Kim & Jason site, so thanks Kim!

I also am super hyped myself now that I  have watched the trailer for the upcoming live action version of Speed Racer.  It looks amazing, and it was done by The Wachowski Brothers, the directors of The Matrix trilogy so it should not only be fantastic quality, but may just stretch the limits of film making.  Keep in mind, it was this duo that first made popular the “bullet time” visual effect that has been copied in everything from Michael Jordan to the Max to Shrek.  And while I try to never approach a new movie with too many expectations, least I be disappointed, I am hopeful that this movie will again stretch our imaginations. 

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  1. * Speed Racer Fan says:

    What surprises me about Speed Racer is that it never had the lasting power of cartoons like the flinstones or the Jetsons. I came across a blog post with 4 different versions of speed racer, all of them really cool but none of them really lasted like the original.

    I was not impressed by the trailers for Speed Racer, but I will stay optimistic because the Matrix factor like you mentioned.

    Good post!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago
  2. * Dor says:

    Glad I am not alone under that rock! I am pretty excited about seeing the movie and living the moment of Speed Racer. My recent brief introduction to it led me to some research, and it appears it was a big hit for youngsters… Gee where was I?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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