Playing Many Parts

Encouragement May Be the Key

I wanted to thank all of you who responded last week to my post on Parenting Teens.  I read all you had to say and visited many of your blogs.  I was so encouraged by all you have written and by your advice.

What came out loud and clear by many is that my DS may need some encouragement, and DD needs time to heal.  We have made significant progress on both fronts.

DD seems to be healing quite nicely.  She is interested in so many things, and has so many accomplishments that it is hard to have much time to sulk or nurse a broken heart.  Also, it did help that she noticed someone else at church this weekend.  Another boy, more trouble no doubt, but she at least has to acknowledge on some level that Moms reminder that other boys will come along was correct.

DS and I may have had a bit of a break-through this past week also.  I noticed that for his last detention he had to write out some goals for himself.  It seems that one of his goals is to attend a college in the Midwest that has a good reputation and therefore hard to get into.  Upon discussing this, I realized that although he put it on his list, he really believed he could not get in.  I encouraged him and explained that actually, if he quickly turned things around he could very well get in.  He was shocked and amazed, and seemed to actually decide to try.  Now, I know the personality of this little adult, and he will need CONSTANT validation and reminders of what his goal is.  I am ok with that though, as I see that as a major part of this parenting gig anyway.  To encourage and encourage and encourage until they no longer need it . . . and now that I think about it . . . my mom is still encouraging me when no one else believes.

I know, another post about the kids!  Who cares?  But here is hoping someone needed to hear that each day brings its own challenges and blessings. 

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